How to Remove Instagram Shadowban in 2021

Many of us deal with the problem of Instagram shadowban in which your content will stop showing up on your follower’s timeline and won’t even show up with hashtags, this shadow ban has made huge influencers practically invisible overnight.


So the question comes why does it happen?

There are several reasons for your Instagram shadowban such as:


  • Automated Bots that directly violate Instagram’s Terms of Service.
  • Excess usage of hashtags
  • Broken hashtag – Tags that are used for too many numbers of times, Instagram’s algorithm will limit the reach of that hashtag which will affect your other hashtags too.
  • Your account gets often reported – Instagram’s algorithm will assume that you are uploading inappropriate content and will limit your account.
  • If you are following and engaging with people too quickly for example if you will follow 100 people in an hour so Instagram’s algorithm will assume that you are a bot.


How to find out that you are shadowbanned?

The easiest way is to ask your friend to check out whether your post is visible for a certain hashtag

Tip – Use rare hashtags or you can make one for yourself and let them check it out


Now if it’s clear that you are shadowbanned so here are some steps that you can take to remove the shadowban :


  • Follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and community guidelines
  • Stop using the bots and delete them immediately.
  • Delete all the hashtags from the recent posts as it will remove the broken hashtags which are limiting your reach
  • Reduce your time, for some it has worked out in two days for some even two weeks
  • Always keep changing your hashtags. This tells Instagram’s algorithm that you are an active user and not a bot
  • Although using hashtags in captions looks bad but some users have a complaint that using hashtags in comments has shadow-banned them for 2 hours so it’s better to use them in the caption.
  • Use fewer Hashtags while you are facing an Instagram Shadowban.
  • Report it to Instagram
  • Do not switch to a business profile. As Instagram will start to consider you as Business account. This will give you more ways to calculate your reach but they will expect you to go for ads
  • Turn your Business profile into personal.