Boost Business by Instagram reels – How to get started!

The Ultimate Business Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram launched a special feature, ‘Reels’ in July 2020. Earlier being tagged as ‘TikTok copycat’, the significant role of this feature in popularizing any type of content has proved its effectiveness to the world. Unlike the ‘Story’ feature which is a temporary post lasting only 24 hours, or an ‘IGTV’ which is only apt for longer video content, Instagram Reels is a perfect balance of the two, allowing short permanent video content, so most of the people have started boosting their Business by Instagram reels.

If you are wondering why to use Instagram reels for business, these points will definitely answer your question

  • Engagement

As a business, using social media for marketing is not a new thing. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with millions of users worldwide.  Instagram Reels is a pivotal step in bringing attention to your brand. As it is incredibly popular, brands have noticed a spike in engagement on their accounts and website brought by the Reels they have posted.

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  • Collaboration

While using Instagram Reels, there is an option to duet any reel that you like. As a business, you can use this feature to collaborate with other brands and increase your reach. Collaboration with popular content creators who can showcase your products is also a good idea for brand promotion.

  • Popularity

Instagram Reels is the new hot thing on the internet right now. As a new feature, the algorithm of the app is likely to promote it. You can use it to your benefit and possibly attract more attention than you would from a regular post or a story.

Now that we have understood the importance of this feature, let’s move on to the use of Reels as a tool for marketing on Instagram. How to use Instagram Reels effectively for business:

As a business account, be sure to make quality content by being as creative as you can be to show the importance of your goods and services through Reels.

  • Showcase your product

While it is important to make engaging reels, be sure to not undermine the actual purpose of your making content. Since it is a very short video, be sure to centrally base it on your product.

  • Use Trends to your benefit

There are always popular songs, skits, creative transitions, etc. being created on Reels. Use these in your marketing strategy as well. Using popular song tracks has high chances of increasing views and comments

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  • Tagging and Hashtags

Using hashtags can get you to reach your target audience. For example, users searching for beauty products will be able to see your content as grouped under the category if you have added the hashtag. Also, tag relevant accounts like other brands or content creators who make similar content to form a network that will put you on the map.

  • Share everywhere

A very important feature of Instagram reels is that it is seen everywhere. It can be posted on the separate Reels section, on the feed, the Explore option, and even be shared as a story. This increases its visibility manifolds. As you create content, be sure to disperse it well.

  • Promote Interaction

To engage your viewers you can make open-ended content, which poses a question to them or ask an interesting question in the captions. It is also very important to engage in the comments that your reels get. Pay special attention to it and respond wholeheartedly to secure their attention. This is also beneficial to analyze what kind of feedback the content is receiving.

  • Use Instagram Reels Ads

Instagram has launched advertisements on Reels which can prove to be very engaging. Popular content creators can showcase your product in their Reels as an advertisement which can give you more reach than you may get as a business account

All these points are important to note when creating content. Apart from this, minding Instagram reels size, time of posting, targeting the right audience are also important pointers that play an effect on the growth of your account.

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Ways to Reduce your Cost per Lead (CPL) on Facebook

The Cost Per Clicks (CPC’s) are increasing day by day and as the CPC increase so will the Cost Per Lead (CPL). Well, Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users and it’s not easy to find the perfect audience and convert them into successful leads. Now the onus comes on how exactly you are spending your budget to reach your target audience and here are few ways you can do to reach them while maintaining your budget:



Facebook gave several ways to analyze and target your audience. You can target the audience through their age, gender, education, and their behaviors. The important thing is to dive deep into these analytics and find out what’s working out for you and whats not, narrow the audience according to your customers and keep going through analytics for further narrowing as this will help


A/B Split Testing

A/ B testing is a great way to find out what’s working best for your business. Facebook will provide you with set of different variables, such as:

  • Target audience
  • Delivery optimization
  • Placement
  • Creative
  • Product sets

With the help of A/B, you can set the audience in such a way which will decrease the cost per lead. We recommend that you should keep your 20 % budget for testing as it will help you with understanding your customers and helps you in targeting your audience easily.


Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audience is based on your past audiences and successful leads.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences makes it easy to connect with people on Facebook who are similar to your customer.



Prevent Ad Fatigue : 

If your ad will keep showing up to the same people they will start ignoring it which is termed as Ad fatigue. When Click through rate CTR drops, you will know that your ad is not working anymore. So it’s time to change your ad which can help you in increasing the interest of an audience. Thereby decreasing your cost per lead.


Use Videos

Videos are more engaging and effective as they have 86% more conversions in comparison to photo ads. In-video ads, audiences watch your video and get to know about your business. It’s a great opportunity for you to show them why they should choose you.



Do you need a cheap lead?

It’s easy to generate a cheap lead by increasing the size of your audience but they won’t qualify as quality lead. You need to keep this thing in mind while setting up your audience.


We are hopeful that these ways will help you out to decrease your cost per lead (CPL ) and will give you new ideas to optimize your Facebook Campaigns.



How to Remove Instagram Shadowban in 2021

Many of us deal with the problem of Instagram shadowban in which your content will stop showing up on your follower’s timeline and won’t even show up with hashtags, this shadow ban has made huge influencers practically invisible overnight.


So the question comes why does it happen?

There are several reasons for your Instagram shadowban such as:


  • Automated Bots that directly violate Instagram’s Terms of Service.
  • Excess usage of hashtags
  • Broken hashtag – Tags that are used for too many numbers of times, Instagram’s algorithm will limit the reach of that hashtag which will affect your other hashtags too.
  • Your account gets often reported – Instagram’s algorithm will assume that you are uploading inappropriate content and will limit your account.
  • If you are following and engaging with people too quickly for example if you will follow 100 people in an hour so Instagram’s algorithm will assume that you are a bot.


How to find out that you are shadowbanned?

The easiest way is to ask your friend to check out whether your post is visible for a certain hashtag

Tip – Use rare hashtags or you can make one for yourself and let them check it out


Now if it’s clear that you are shadowbanned so here are some steps that you can take to remove the shadowban :


  • Follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and community guidelines
  • Stop using the bots and delete them immediately.
  • Delete all the hashtags from the recent posts as it will remove the broken hashtags which are limiting your reach
  • Reduce your time, for some it has worked out in two days for some even two weeks
  • Always keep changing your hashtags. This tells Instagram’s algorithm that you are an active user and not a bot
  • Although using hashtags in captions looks bad but some users have a complaint that using hashtags in comments has shadow-banned them for 2 hours so it’s better to use them in the caption.
  • Use fewer Hashtags while you are facing an Instagram Shadowban.
  • Report it to Instagram
  • Do not switch to a business profile. As Instagram will start to consider you as Business account. This will give you more ways to calculate your reach but they will expect you to go for ads
  • Turn your Business profile into personal.


Crowd of People

Ways to Increase Organic Reach

Expanding ties between organic search, social, and content-related traffic drivers make it increasingly important to coordinate efforts among channels. Mostly, you’re not likely to sustain good organic reach without some good search and content practices.

So here are some tips for increasing your organic reach on search.

Know What Keywords are Already Driving Traffic to Your Site

A good place to start increasing your efforts is by going over what’s already organically working for your site. Dig into some keyword research. Since keywords aren’t just words they’re the phrases and topics that people are naturally searching for.

This includes both broad and specific terms. Once you find out which keywords are driving traffic to your content from search, use them throughout your social posts.

This is the best way to tie into the existing way your audience is finding your brand and amplify it throughout additional marketing efforts.

Know the Corresponding Content for Those Keywords

Top performing content determines the ranking keywords find out what words and phrases people are using to ask questions or to pursue solutions when they are finding your content.

That content and keyword pair is something that search engines already consider a good match. Take that keyword and content pairing and use it for your engagement and posts on social.

Make sure you include the keyword in the post or as a hashtag to catch the audience’s attention.

Figure Out What Keywords and Content Are Working for Your Competitors

After all the keywords and content that are working well for you, are the keywords and content that are helping your competition take traffic from you.

By finding what they’re doing well in search and content, you’ll see how they’re meeting the audience’s needs and then use that information to improve your social media engagement.

Explore Peripheral Competitors and Understand Where Your Audience, Traffic, and Content Overlap

Move far away from the “big competitors” to understand the surrounding conversations that could convert your audiences.

In addition to the two or three competitors that you’re already keeping an eye on, check out the peripheral conversations, including other brands that will offer adjacent products, that are taking traffic for your target keywords.

Although not all of those sites are considered direct competitors, they may be taking the audience share with some best engagement ideas that you can use.

Track Social Engagement for Content by Group

Creating keyword groups based on campaigns, products, etc., allows you to segment the keywords and social posts to match those groups and orient social media efforts to your marketing needs.

For your content as well as your competitors, this will allow you to dive into the specific topic group that you’re targeting for social media and see how people are talking about it, what content is being created, and how it’s performing in search and social media.

Modify Your Content and Social Engagement to Mirror Changes in Audience Language

Popular words and phrases, descriptions of products, and conversation style likely to change over time. Sometimes more quickly than we realize. Make it a priority to remain relevant by talking to your audience in the same language they’re using.

If you notice a sudden drop-off in a keyword before leaving its importance, see if people are simply referring to the same solution/issue in another way. Then modify your content and social engagement to reflect the new lingo.

Being on top of phraseology trends and knowing how consumers refer to their desires and requirements makes you a better conversationalist and leads to more conversions.

Vary Your Content Types on All Social Channels

When you find a popular topic and keyword, create a variation of assets based on the same keywords. Make blog posts, videos, images, webinars, case studies, etc. to engage your audience. Having multiple contents to share and to engage your audience on social media. This will help you bring larger amounts of content to each channel while using the right keywords.

So if you’re not leveraging your search and content data to extend your social media reach, this is the best time to start. Using these tips, you can get better engagement with existing audiences and extend your reach organically.

Instagram App on Phone

How to Increase Organic Reach on Instagram

Instagram is the 4th most downloaded app in the world. It’s a marketers dream to have this many people together on one platform. If you’ve seen this opportunity, so have other business. The following points should be kept in mind which will help you increase your Instagram followers .

Time Your Posts

You should take in consideration the time zones your customers live and post accordingly. Most Indians would be following the IST (GMT+5:30). This is an important consideration to keep for international customer base.

You will get tons of data on general engagement rate of Instagram. Studies suggest that Instagram’s peak engagement rate is from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. There is a dip in engagement during Afternoon. So try and schedule your posts around morning or evening.

Know Your Hashtags

All posts should be accompanied by Hashtags. Keep a set of Hashtags ready in order to save time. Be on the lookout for new hashtags to add to your posts. Always be alert for the trending hashtags to ride the wave of trends.


User Generated Content

This is a great way to build trust with your Instagram followers. Customers trust other customers. So, if they see other users engaging with your page, it will work as an incentive. This builds up the social credibility of the brand. Keep in mind that your posts should be general and fun. They shouldn’t be invasive in nature, which would make the customers suspicious.

Increase Engagement

Whenever a follower comments on your post, it’s an opportunity to engage with your customers. Do not just leave a like. Reply promptly and Engage with the follower. Leave a comment back. Analyze the comments you get on a regular basis. Consider and act on any possible improvements suggested.


Instagram Stories

This is great way to grab attention of your followers. You can tag other accounts as well. Try to format your stories as creatively and uniquely possible. Good stories yield good results in terms engagement.

Instagram is where the world is and that’s where you need to be as well.

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Can you Depend on Organic reach for Marketing on Social Media?

Can you Depend on Organic reach for Marketing on Social Media?

There was a time when the number of likes or followers on Facebook and Instagram was equal to the reach that a post would get. But Facebook changed the algorithm as the number of users on these platforms grew. Nowadays the organic post won’t reach more than 5% of total total page audience unless the post gets viral.


Past, Present and Future

If we look back at scenarios in 2015 then running a Facebook campaign to get likes on the business page was enough to create the audience for our product or service. Once we had the number, we could go out and post our product or service and reach out to our audience. But things have changed so much that now we must get the likes first and then promote the product as well.

The days of organic reach are over. We must understand that promotion is the only way to get the attention of our customers. The total number of monthly active users across all social media is now more than 3 Billion worldwide. It means that these platforms offer a great market size but they cannot be accessed without promotion. After all, it’s marketing and marketing cannot be done for free.


Number is Power

 In my opinion, Facebook and other social media must answer what is the use of getting likes on the page if we still have to promote our post. As it is said “Might is Right”, so we cannot question until they have control over creating the rules of the game.  We must also understand that they are also into business and not into social service. So they will also do everything to get maximum return on their investment. Mark Zuckerberg has invested 16 years of his life with billions of dollars and so now it’s his turn to reap the profit.


Strategy and Optimization

We must use the platforms cautiously with a full proof strategy to get maximum ROI from these platforms. So just pushing the post as Social Media pushes us to do every time isn’t enough. An expert with marketing strategies on social media would be able to guide better on how a business can get the best ROI.


Many times we have heard the client say that running campaigns online is not rocket science. Maybe they are true if they look at just pushing the post. But when it comes to strategy and optimization then obviously it requires expert knowledge. And as it is popularly said, “You can do anything, but not everything”.