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Digital Marketing…. It’s still about People

Digital in Digital Marketing

Online Advertisement Platforms today have a reach of more than 2.5 billion people. So, can everyone who uses them get a million paying customers? The answer is ‘no’.

You would still require finding these million people who are looking for your services. They need to be identified and targeted by you using Digital Marketing.

The word Digital in Digital Marketing sounds very technical in nature and no doubt it is. The platforms on which we perform Digital Marketing are engineering marvels. Built to handle scale and traffic with ease.

Mastering these tools would give one an edge. But it does not negate the human touch required for Marketing like the good old days. Marketers still need to understand the human psychology behind the buyer. They still need to build ‘Trust’.

They need psychology more so than ever as the element of ‘Trust’ has become tricky in the Virtual world. One could argue that Trust has decreased due to lack of Human Touch or increased because of instant verification techniques.

Either way, a grasp of this concept is vital for any marketer to succeed. As the duality is not equal. Digital Marketing on a spectrum would be closer to Liberal Arts than to Engineering.

How Today’s Advertisement works

Today’s advertisements and product descriptions show these features. The focus has increased, to the point of obsession regarding products. Products are described in ways as this is the only product in the world which you need to buy.

They entice the audience by explaining the tiniest of details. The visual ads try and touch such an emotional nerve with each ad, as if almost personifying the product. Audiences connect to ads with inner emotions which they never associated with the product or company.

These emotions are the roots of a sale. Advertising platforms have expanded the reach of Humans, but it is the Marketer who has brought Humanity closer.