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Ways to Reduce your Cost per Lead (CPL) on Facebook

The Cost Per Clicks (CPC’s) are increasing day by day and as the CPC increase so will the Cost Per Lead (CPL). Well, Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users and it’s not easy to find the perfect audience and convert them into successful leads. Now the onus comes on how exactly you are spending your budget to reach your target audience and here are few ways you can do to reach them while maintaining your budget:



Facebook gave several ways to analyze and target your audience. You can target the audience through their age, gender, education, and their behaviors. The important thing is to dive deep into these analytics and find out what’s working out for you and whats not, narrow the audience according to your customers and keep going through analytics for further narrowing as this will help


A/B Split Testing

A/ B testing is a great way to find out what’s working best for your business. Facebook will provide you with set of different variables, such as:

  • Target audience
  • Delivery optimization
  • Placement
  • Creative
  • Product sets

With the help of A/B, you can set the audience in such a way which will decrease the cost per lead. We recommend that you should keep your 20 % budget for testing as it will help you with understanding your customers and helps you in targeting your audience easily.


Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audience is based on your past audiences and successful leads.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences makes it easy to connect with people on Facebook who are similar to your customer.



Prevent Ad Fatigue : 

If your ad will keep showing up to the same people they will start ignoring it which is termed as Ad fatigue. When Click through rate CTR drops, you will know that your ad is not working anymore. So it’s time to change your ad which can help you in increasing the interest of an audience. Thereby decreasing your cost per lead.


Use Videos

Videos are more engaging and effective as they have 86% more conversions in comparison to photo ads. In-video ads, audiences watch your video and get to know about your business. It’s a great opportunity for you to show them why they should choose you.



Do you need a cheap lead?

It’s easy to generate a cheap lead by increasing the size of your audience but they won’t qualify as quality lead. You need to keep this thing in mind while setting up your audience.


We are hopeful that these ways will help you out to decrease your cost per lead (CPL ) and will give you new ideas to optimize your Facebook Campaigns.



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Tips to Personalize your Emails

Personalization in email marketing is the act of targeting an email campaign to a certain subscriber. We personalize emails to build a conversational tone with the customer. It is done by leveraging the data and information you have about them. It can be information like their first name, the last product they purchased, where they live, etc.

  1. Gather suitable information

The first step to personalize your emails is to find out more about your customers. To deliver appropriate content, you need to know who your customers are, and how to most effectively serve them. And, what’s the simplest way to find out this information? While you don’t want to ask a lot of information that overwhelms your recipients, you can choose a couple of specific questions that will help you better serve your customers.

  1. Segment your lists

Once you’ve collected all your data, you can then divide your contacts into buckets. You can segregate your contacts into a variety of segments, including demographics, customer type, and location.

  1. Create quality over quantity content

Be aware of how many segments your recipients are included in at one time. You don’t want to overwhelm your recipients with too many emails or overwhelm yourself with various segments to manage! Test what emails and segments your recipients answer best to in stages so you don’t overflow the inbox.

  1. Be careful of the creep factor

Personalizing your emails may be a wonderful strategy. But a number of the emails come through in the inbox immediately after viewing an item. That level of speed is unsettling! therefore the subject lines are like, “We saw you looking…” or, “We noticed you clicked on …..”

Privacy concerns should be kept in mind while personalizing. Give a while and space between someone viewing an item and sending an email. Let the web cookie dust settle.

  1. Don’t stop at the name

While we personalize emails, many of us think of including our recipient’s name in the greeting of the email. While this is clearly an aspect of personalization (and a good start!), it’s just one element of the many. Since a lot of companies use this tactic in their emails, name substitution has become a regular place. You’ll need more than your recipients’ names to actually get their attention.

  1. Focus on behavior

One of the simplest ways to personalize emails is to focus on the behavior of your recipients. For recipients who are heavily engaged, partly engaged, or not at all engaged, build up automated nurtures. This is a very supportive way of organizing your email campaigns. It makes sure you reach those who are focused on what you have to offer.