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Can you Depend on Organic reach for Marketing on Social Media?

Can you Depend on Organic reach for Marketing on Social Media?

There was a time when the number of likes or followers on Facebook and Instagram was equal to the reach that a post would get. But Facebook changed the algorithm as the number of users on these platforms grew. Nowadays the organic post won’t reach more than 5% of total total page audience unless the post gets viral.


Past, Present and Future

If we look back at scenarios in 2015 then running a Facebook campaign to get likes on the business page was enough to create the audience for our product or service. Once we had the number, we could go out and post our product or service and reach out to our audience. But things have changed so much that now we must get the likes first and then promote the product as well.

The days of organic reach are over. We must understand that promotion is the only way to get the attention of our customers. The total number of monthly active users across all social media is now more than 3 Billion worldwide. It means that these platforms offer a great market size but they cannot be accessed without promotion. After all, it’s marketing and marketing cannot be done for free.


Number is Power

 In my opinion, Facebook and other social media must answer what is the use of getting likes on the page if we still have to promote our post. As it is said “Might is Right”, so we cannot question until they have control over creating the rules of the game.  We must also understand that they are also into business and not into social service. So they will also do everything to get maximum return on their investment. Mark Zuckerberg has invested 16 years of his life with billions of dollars and so now it’s his turn to reap the profit.


Strategy and Optimization

We must use the platforms cautiously with a full proof strategy to get maximum ROI from these platforms. So just pushing the post as Social Media pushes us to do every time isn’t enough. An expert with marketing strategies on social media would be able to guide better on how a business can get the best ROI.


Many times we have heard the client say that running campaigns online is not rocket science. Maybe they are true if they look at just pushing the post. But when it comes to strategy and optimization then obviously it requires expert knowledge. And as it is popularly said, “You can do anything, but not everything”.




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Digital Marketing…. It’s still about People

Digital in Digital Marketing

Online Advertisement Platforms today have a reach of more than 2.5 billion people. So, can everyone who uses them get a million paying customers? The answer is ‘no’.

You would still require finding these million people who are looking for your services. They need to be identified and targeted by you using Digital Marketing.

The word Digital in Digital Marketing sounds very technical in nature and no doubt it is. The platforms on which we perform Digital Marketing are engineering marvels. Built to handle scale and traffic with ease.

Mastering these tools would give one an edge. But it does not negate the human touch required for Marketing like the good old days. Marketers still need to understand the human psychology behind the buyer. They still need to build ‘Trust’.

They need psychology more so than ever as the element of ‘Trust’ has become tricky in the Virtual world. One could argue that Trust has decreased due to lack of Human Touch or increased because of instant verification techniques.

Either way, a grasp of this concept is vital for any marketer to succeed. As the duality is not equal. Digital Marketing on a spectrum would be closer to Liberal Arts than to Engineering.

How Today’s Advertisement works

Today’s advertisements and product descriptions show these features. The focus has increased, to the point of obsession regarding products. Products are described in ways as this is the only product in the world which you need to buy.

They entice the audience by explaining the tiniest of details. The visual ads try and touch such an emotional nerve with each ad, as if almost personifying the product. Audiences connect to ads with inner emotions which they never associated with the product or company.

These emotions are the roots of a sale. Advertising platforms have expanded the reach of Humans, but it is the Marketer who has brought Humanity closer.