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SEO Practices that Google Rewards

If you want to thrive in the jungle of websites on the internet, Search Engine Optimization is your BFF. SEO helps you rank on top of the Gooogle Search results. This helps you be in front of the customer at the time when they are looking for your product. Some of the SEO practices are rewarded by Google. Some are penalized by it. In this article, let’s go over the ones which Google simply loves.



Content is king, there are no shortcuts to it. You have to write meaningful content which helps, informs and educates the user. Low quality content is going to rank lower. While writing content fill every loophole that you find. Write till you no longer have any queries while reading your content. You should make the topic easy to understand. Try and explaining the topic like you’d do to a 5 yr old. Also Optimize your Keywords, it won’t mean much if Google can’t locate your work.


Meta-Description and Alt Tags

Meta- Description is the snippet which you see under the Title in the Search Results. It supports the title by telling what is the web page about. The description should be attractive and informative to read. Also be sure to optimize it for the keyword you are targeting.

Alt Tags are description of the images that you have uploaded on your webpage. This helps list the photos with Google. And if someone searches through images your webpage will come up.

These are hygienic SEO practices to maintain for every webpage of your website.


Google sees the number of backlinks as votes of confidence. It’s a very important factor that affect your search rankings. It shows that you are an authority on the subject. But do note that not all backlinks are equal. The ones from well reputed websites and website from your Nieche are given more weightage. General Directories and low quality don’t really help.


Mobile Optimized Website

More user access the internet through mobile phones than they through computer devices. Having a Mobile-Friendly website is one of the key factors Google wants you to focus on. Mobiles are an important part of our daily routine. We literally carry them around everywhere. And are connected to the internet round the clock. Grabbing attention on these device should be a top priority.


 Paid Promotions

A way to top search results without doing the hard work. Paid Promotions. They put you right at the top. You won’t have to struggle with content and backlinks and what not. But, for the most effective results make a good ad copy, a decent landing page and choose keywords wisely.


All the stated ways are continuous processes, not a one time thing. Update these factor continuously to achieve optimal results Choose the method which suits you best. If you can spare the time and energy go for organic methods. If you just want to get it over with, then enlist the help of professionals