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Decline in Website Traffic- Here how you can Deal with it

The decline in website traffic is one of the most ordinary problems faced by today’s marketer. There could be many reasons for this cause. It is not necessary that this is entirely your fault and as the problem may emerge from either the Developer’s side or Google’s side. In the worst scenario, it could be from your side too.

Besides, this problem is quite natural and practically all websites around the world face this kind of issue. But Google Analytics and  Google Webmaster Tools indicate these factors.

Follow the article below to know about these problems and also know how to resolve these issues.

Analyze the decrease in traffic

It is the most prominent step to know more about your website. There can be many causes for the decline in traffic on your website. Among other things, there are different types of declines which we come upon.

The decline can be low and the traffic will recuperate on its own after some time. Likewise the decline can also have a higher slope which is not a regular condition to happen. In the prior cases, the reasons can be negligible and it would recover in a few days. Whereas in critical cases it could be due to Google Penalty.

Get familiar with Google Algorithm

Google’s Algorithm is much likely to be blamed for this issue. As in many cases, we see the reason can be due to Google’s Algorithm. Google frequently conducts a test on a different set of sites and then return back to default after testing. So, it is important to keep patience for some weeks before you panic.

You will be notified if Google rolls out an update. But you can’t see instant changes. It takes a time of at least two weeks to see the results on your site.

If you observe any decrease in the traffic on your site, it could be due to Google Penalty. To control this kind of issue, you need to log in to Google Search Console and search for a message and resolve it.

Know more about your traffic

The traffic on your website can have these following sources:

Organic Traffic: These are the visitors to your website who come from search engine such as Google.

Paid Traffic: These include sources such as Google Ad Words.

Referral: These are the traffic of visitors which may often come from a referral from your other websites

Social: It includes the views generated from the links from pages and blogs at different social platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). This can also generate a lot of traffic if it runs through ads.


Check Google Trends

If you want to know about the changes spotted in search volume in current times, then checking it on Google Trends is the best option one can consider. It is preferred because you can find about the search volumes of each keyword and also up to 5 keywords of your site at one time and get detailed stats of each.