Scientis examining a leaf

SEO – Do it like a Scientist

Your Website is your research, consider Backlinks as citations of a research paper. The why don’t you do SEO like a scientist. Google sees a link to your site as a sort of a vote of confidence that your content is great that you are an authority on a particular subject that you are a trusted entity in this space. How does one become an authority on any subject? They study and they research.

Google takes all those things they look at them and they say well if everybody’slinking to them they must be great.And as a result they run to you a lot higher in the search engine results . So, to rank higher on Search Engines you have to realize your niche. Put out content on topics/events which you come across. Observe your Operations and make notes. You have to approach content as a research paper and do SEO like a scientist. Structure it in a format comfortable for the eyes. Explain the content as if you are explaining it to a kid around 5 years old. Fill each and every loophole you come across. That’s what it takes.

To all those marketers looking for quick ways to earn backlinks, I have one suggestion: Don’t. These searches generally don’t give genuine results. Although, you will find a websites claiming to get you links, in exchange for payments. You will be happy when you see it. You’ll realize this is the shortcut you had been looking for.

But the problem arises out of Google’s new algorithm which penalizes unfair means to manipulate SEO results. This is the worst case scenario. Even if you are one of the lucky ones and your ‘Dealer’ comes through. They will get you backlinks from PR directories, blog comments, forum signatures and User profiles. These do not hold water when it comes to Google Ranking.

Recent Google updates discount links which are from websites which do not address your Niche are or are from less reputed sources. You won’t be penalized every time but you also won’t see the expected results. It won’t be your money’s worth cause these links won’t have weight. As easy it is to gain these links, it’s harder to lose them. You can use the Google Disavow tool. This tool basically asks Google to not consider the links. But in most cases you’ll have to manually ask the site owners to remove the links of your sites.


Don’t go down the hill, whose climb you won’t enjoy.