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Content- You know the Audience wants It

In digital marketing, spectrum content plays a key role. However with the ever-growing competition only a few companies able to crack the code. Content that does not connect with the customer is worthless and these challenges are experienced by all the marketers, so how do we create such content that connects with the audience?


There are different ways to create engaging content but before we jump on to that, it’s important to know the human behavior behind sharing the content, here are few pointers :

  • Social Approval – People love to share the posts with their friends which expresses their personality
  • Support – We all have different ideologies, political inclinations and by sharing posts about that topic, the user wants to express their inner self.
  • Communication – In the end, we all are humans we all have this need to connect and sharing the content enables us to do this easily
  • Entertainment – Content works cause of only three factors – Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment


Now we have known why people share the content now lets come onto how to do it


Be strategic 

Before you start to write any piece it’s vital to know why people are going to invest their time, reading it. Who is your target audience and then create the content according to the audience which can help them.




Stay up to date

Content which is in line with the latest trends will get higher views. People are actively looking for that topic. Hence, there is a higher chance for them to come across your posts. Also use the latest hashtags.



Evoke Emotions

The content which speaks emotionally with the viewer has a higher chance to go viral. Content which arouse positive emotions will get shared more then that which evoked negative emotions.




Be funny 

Most humans love to laugh. It’s better than to be sad. Funny posts grab the attention easily. People also want to share it with their friends. This gives the post a higher chance to go viral.




Use Visuals 

People prefer visual content over text. Smart businesses have understood this and started applying it in practice.


Use data 

Make data driven decisions. Use tools such as Buzzsumo to know which type of content attracts attention. If you have data which states your point you should use it in your headline.





Use Infographics

If you use the data smartly and present it in simple terms as a visual it will have a higher chance to go viral



Your headline should move the Heads 

Nobody is going to invest their time in your article if you have a lazy headline use something innovative like a promise : Everything you need to know about COVID 19? Or 7 reasons to wear a mask. You can even ask a question as it stimulates curiosity like How to save yourself from COVID 19 virus?




Be Unique 

It’s difficult to write on the topics which were not covered before but if you will create the masterpiece it will have a higher chance to go viral.