How to Increase Organic Reach on Instagram

Instagram App on Phone

Instagram is the 4th most downloaded app in the world. It’s a marketers dream to have this many people together on one platform. If you’ve seen this opportunity, so have other business. The following points should be kept in mind which will help you increase your Instagram followers .

Time Your Posts

You should take in consideration the time zones your customers live and post accordingly. Most Indians would be following the IST (GMT+5:30). This is an important consideration to keep for international customer base.

You will get tons of data on general engagement rate of Instagram. Studies suggest that Instagram’s peak engagement rate is from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. There is a dip in engagement during Afternoon. So try and schedule your posts around morning or evening.

Know Your Hashtags

All posts should be accompanied by Hashtags. Keep a set of Hashtags ready in order to save time. Be on the lookout for new hashtags to add to your posts. Always be alert for the trending hashtags to ride the wave of trends.


User Generated Content

This is a great way to build trust with your Instagram followers. Customers trust other customers. So, if they see other users engaging with your page, it will work as an incentive. This builds up the social credibility of the brand. Keep in mind that your posts should be general and fun. They shouldn’t be invasive in nature, which would make the customers suspicious.

Increase Engagement

Whenever a follower comments on your post, it’s an opportunity to engage with your customers. Do not just leave a like. Reply promptly and Engage with the follower. Leave a comment back. Analyze the comments you get on a regular basis. Consider and act on any possible improvements suggested.


Instagram Stories

This is great way to grab attention of your followers. You can tag other accounts as well. Try to format your stories as creatively and uniquely possible. Good stories yield good results in terms engagement.

Instagram is where the world is and that’s where you need to be as well.