Boost Business by Instagram reels – How to get started!


The Ultimate Business Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram launched a special feature, ‘Reels’ in July 2020. Earlier being tagged as ‘TikTok copycat’, the significant role of this feature in popularizing any type of content has proved its effectiveness to the world. Unlike the ‘Story’ feature which is a temporary post lasting only 24 hours, or an ‘IGTV’ which is only apt for longer video content, Instagram Reels is a perfect balance of the two, allowing short permanent video content, so most of the people have started boosting their Business by Instagram reels.

If you are wondering why to use Instagram reels for business, these points will definitely answer your question

  • Engagement

As a business, using social media for marketing is not a new thing. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with millions of users worldwide.  Instagram Reels is a pivotal step in bringing attention to your brand. As it is incredibly popular, brands have noticed a spike in engagement on their accounts and website brought by the Reels they have posted.

Instagram engagement

  • Collaboration

While using Instagram Reels, there is an option to duet any reel that you like. As a business, you can use this feature to collaborate with other brands and increase your reach. Collaboration with popular content creators who can showcase your products is also a good idea for brand promotion.

  • Popularity

Instagram Reels is the new hot thing on the internet right now. As a new feature, the algorithm of the app is likely to promote it. You can use it to your benefit and possibly attract more attention than you would from a regular post or a story.

Now that we have understood the importance of this feature, let’s move on to the use of Reels as a tool for marketing on Instagram. How to use Instagram Reels effectively for business:

As a business account, be sure to make quality content by being as creative as you can be to show the importance of your goods and services through Reels.

  • Showcase your product

While it is important to make engaging reels, be sure to not undermine the actual purpose of your making content. Since it is a very short video, be sure to centrally base it on your product.

  • Use Trends to your benefit

There are always popular songs, skits, creative transitions, etc. being created on Reels. Use these in your marketing strategy as well. Using popular song tracks has high chances of increasing views and comments

Reels instagram

  • Tagging and Hashtags

Using hashtags can get you to reach your target audience. For example, users searching for beauty products will be able to see your content as grouped under the category if you have added the hashtag. Also, tag relevant accounts like other brands or content creators who make similar content to form a network that will put you on the map.

  • Share everywhere

A very important feature of Instagram reels is that it is seen everywhere. It can be posted on the separate Reels section, on the feed, the Explore option, and even be shared as a story. This increases its visibility manifolds. As you create content, be sure to disperse it well.

  • Promote Interaction

To engage your viewers you can make open-ended content, which poses a question to them or ask an interesting question in the captions. It is also very important to engage in the comments that your reels get. Pay special attention to it and respond wholeheartedly to secure their attention. This is also beneficial to analyze what kind of feedback the content is receiving.

  • Use Instagram Reels Ads

Instagram has launched advertisements on Reels which can prove to be very engaging. Popular content creators can showcase your product in their Reels as an advertisement which can give you more reach than you may get as a business account

All these points are important to note when creating content. Apart from this, minding Instagram reels size, time of posting, targeting the right audience are also important pointers that play an effect on the growth of your account.