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Easy ways to grow your brand’s reach online

If you use Uber daily and someone asks you how do you travel often, do you tell about Uber or rental Taxi? Or when you are in a restaurant, do you ask for coke or a cola? Well, these terms are known as proprietary eponyms as they have become the apex of brand awareness. These brands have become so famous that people have started using them as general terms. This is the epitome of brand awareness. The world is changing and so are the ways to create awareness about you and your product, one may not be able to become a proprietary eponym but using these easy ways we can build a brand that speaks for itself.


Content :

The best-known brands also follow this simple strategy – become a content authority in your industry by providing people with solutions through your videos, blog content, an ebook, creating an infographic or hosting a free webinar and help them. It creates trust among people that your brand believes in helping people out. Anytime someone reads your blog or watches your video it creates a great impression of your company. The content need not be the spectacular one, even simple educational blogs that are engaging can help you to garner a lot of views which will also help you with your SEO strategy and increase the visibility of your website.


Study your audience :

First, you need to list out who is your audience and what do they want and how you are helping them out. The Internet is an open-source try to study your audience’s behaviors what makes them tick and start the conversation and then create tailored content around those preferences.


Keep optimizing your content, SEO is an essential tool for any business. By using the long-tail keywords in your titles, meta-descriptions, and body content. Make sure to add alt tags to your images so the search engines can understand them in context. Also, take the time to make sure your article structure is solid.



Find existing influencers in your industry they are one of the best ways to create awareness about your brand. As people, we generally trust other people and thus influencers can help you out by creating awareness about your brand by reaching out to their followers.


Social Media Contests

In social media, you can create different types of contests in which you can provide the audience with a chance to win the gift vouchers for answering the contest and tagging their friends so this can help you to gain more viewers and increase the reach of your brand.



Story Telling

If you want to be remembered as a brand for a long time, you should start telling stories that are compelling and emotional that can connect with the audience, they will remember you as a brand and it will create a strong impression of your brand.



This isn’t for everyone, but still one of the ways to get your brand noticed. Just take an unlikely stance on a hot industry topic, and you may find yourself attracting quite a bit of attraction. It’s good or bad depends on your approach. Then again as they say there’s no such thing as bad marketing.


Guest blog

Guest posting on other websites will give you new audiences and will generate the backlink for your website.


Get Social with your customers

Social media is all about engaging with your audience, so always try to engage your audience in conversations. When you share stories and engage with them it creates trust among your audience and they will trust you as a strong brand.




If you haven’t started to build your brand awareness, now is the best time to get on with it and use all these ways we have listed here. Develop your brand voice and eventually, it will help you to find new potential clients.

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Ways to Reduce your Cost per Lead (CPL) on Facebook

The Cost Per Clicks (CPC’s) are increasing day by day and as the CPC increase so will the Cost Per Lead (CPL). Well, Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users and it’s not easy to find the perfect audience and convert them into successful leads. Now the onus comes on how exactly you are spending your budget to reach your target audience and here are few ways you can do to reach them while maintaining your budget:



Facebook gave several ways to analyze and target your audience. You can target the audience through their age, gender, education, and their behaviors. The important thing is to dive deep into these analytics and find out what’s working out for you and whats not, narrow the audience according to your customers and keep going through analytics for further narrowing as this will help


A/B Split Testing

A/ B testing is a great way to find out what’s working best for your business. Facebook will provide you with set of different variables, such as:

  • Target audience
  • Delivery optimization
  • Placement
  • Creative
  • Product sets

With the help of A/B, you can set the audience in such a way which will decrease the cost per lead. We recommend that you should keep your 20 % budget for testing as it will help you with understanding your customers and helps you in targeting your audience easily.


Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audience is based on your past audiences and successful leads.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences makes it easy to connect with people on Facebook who are similar to your customer.



Prevent Ad Fatigue : 

If your ad will keep showing up to the same people they will start ignoring it which is termed as Ad fatigue. When Click through rate CTR drops, you will know that your ad is not working anymore. So it’s time to change your ad which can help you in increasing the interest of an audience. Thereby decreasing your cost per lead.


Use Videos

Videos are more engaging and effective as they have 86% more conversions in comparison to photo ads. In-video ads, audiences watch your video and get to know about your business. It’s a great opportunity for you to show them why they should choose you.



Do you need a cheap lead?

It’s easy to generate a cheap lead by increasing the size of your audience but they won’t qualify as quality lead. You need to keep this thing in mind while setting up your audience.


We are hopeful that these ways will help you out to decrease your cost per lead (CPL ) and will give you new ideas to optimize your Facebook Campaigns.



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Digital marketing amid COVID -19 Pandemic

According to the UberSuggest report, the organic search have gone down for many major sectors like the travel & luxury industry while it’s skyrocketed for news industry or financial space during this time. Conversions are down as well the night in shining armor has been Digital marketing amid COVID -19 Pandemic


If you are providing essential services or your business is related to the news or finance sector, this is the time to invest in your Digital Marketing. While other advertisers may go offline at this time and this can help you to capture traffic and conversions because of reduced competition. For other businesses, this is the best time to work around your SEO strategy and get on top of the search results by improving your ranking and by providing useful content as other businesses may be holding back.

How Digital Marketing Helps

It’s a great chance to save some money within your digital marketing budget. On average, cost-per-clicks CPC’s in few industries have dropped down by 8% and will further go down. This has reduced the amount of money you are paying for every ad which gives your business another opportunity to scoop up market share.

Many people are at home browsing, looking for discounts to save money during a time of unrest. It’s a great way to engage with your customers. It’ll give you a steady stream of revenue that will keep your doors open. You can push out your special offers through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media.

There has been a massive influx of consumers shopping online, causing  Amazon to hire nearly 100,000 new employees. Utilize digital marketing now to stand out.


Competitors may be stopping their campaigns because of their fear of what is ahead or their current situation. So this is a great time to strengthen your campaign to improve your rankings and potentially outrank competitors. Since people are forced to be quarantined at the moment, there will be more eyeballs than ever before online. People will be consuming more digital marketing on all fronts.

People will be looking to social media especially for updates on closures, new procedures for businesses and news. They will also be looking to see how brands and businesses are reacting to the current business environment. Now is probably the most important time to be visible digitally because other forms of traditional marketing will be stalled.

Blogging for business

Blogging to promote your business

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, small businesses need to come up with a strong web presence and the best and easiest way is Blogging.

Blogging helps you to build relationships with your clients and future customer as it creates trust and will help you to convert the leads easily into customers.

Blogging is marketing using search engines where we have funnels- Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

When your audience will be searching for information, and you provide it to them it builds trust and brand awareness. It is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness by providing valuable information.

According to Inbound marketing, 80 % of companies that are using blogging as a way of marketing have acquired customers through blogging   & 82 % of businesses agree that blogging is essential to their business.


Consumers love to read

People love to read blogs, whether to learn something new or to get updated with some new topics. There is no denial that users have different options these days like video content from YouTube, Netflix & Amazon but some users still prefer blogs to read and learn from them instead of YouTube videos.



One of the most beneficial aspects of blogging is bringing website traffic through your Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. For simple understanding, let us take an example if you are in the business of selling laptops in Suncity and when someone searches for Laptops in Suncity, then being the first one on a search result will increase the chances of your sale. Here are some quick tips to increase your search engine ranking

Keyword Density: How many times a certain keyphrase used in your content

Backlinking: Other websites that link back to your content

Long Tail Keywords: Using long term keywords will ensure the traffic using those niche keywords will end up on your blog

Create an Attractive platform:

Visuals still matter in order to appeal to your customers it should look good and attractive so that the visitors of the site will return.

Create useful Content:

Publish the content which will bring value to your customers and solve their problems. It should show that you are an expert in this field to your potential clients.

Create an Interview series:

The easiest way to create the content is by taking the interviews of the experts in your field of business. People love talking about themselves and getting published online. And people love to read about the expert’s opinions.

Calls to Action:

You should always use Call to Action with some offer, or service you are providing for free, at the end of your blog which will convert your audience into a potential client.

Use Social Media:

Social media is a huge platform and every business should use it. Tag other people and brands to extend your reach. Your content should always be focused on the audience you are catering to.


Blogging is an easy way to enhance your marketing efforts and attract potential clients to your website.

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Content- You know the Audience wants It

In digital marketing, spectrum content plays a key role. However with the ever-growing competition only a few companies able to crack the code. Content that does not connect with the customer is worthless and these challenges are experienced by all the marketers, so how do we create such content that connects with the audience?


There are different ways to create engaging content but before we jump on to that, it’s important to know the human behavior behind sharing the content, here are few pointers :

  • Social Approval – People love to share the posts with their friends which expresses their personality
  • Support – We all have different ideologies, political inclinations and by sharing posts about that topic, the user wants to express their inner self.
  • Communication – In the end, we all are humans we all have this need to connect and sharing the content enables us to do this easily
  • Entertainment – Content works cause of only three factors – Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment


Now we have known why people share the content now lets come onto how to do it


Be strategic 

Before you start to write any piece it’s vital to know why people are going to invest their time, reading it. Who is your target audience and then create the content according to the audience which can help them.




Stay up to date

Content which is in line with the latest trends will get higher views. People are actively looking for that topic. Hence, there is a higher chance for them to come across your posts. Also use the latest hashtags.



Evoke Emotions

The content which speaks emotionally with the viewer has a higher chance to go viral. Content which arouse positive emotions will get shared more then that which evoked negative emotions.




Be funny 

Most humans love to laugh. It’s better than to be sad. Funny posts grab the attention easily. People also want to share it with their friends. This gives the post a higher chance to go viral.




Use Visuals 

People prefer visual content over text. Smart businesses have understood this and started applying it in practice.


Use data 

Make data driven decisions. Use tools such as Buzzsumo to know which type of content attracts attention. If you have data which states your point you should use it in your headline.





Use Infographics

If you use the data smartly and present it in simple terms as a visual it will have a higher chance to go viral



Your headline should move the Heads 

Nobody is going to invest their time in your article if you have a lazy headline use something innovative like a promise : Everything you need to know about COVID 19? Or 7 reasons to wear a mask. You can even ask a question as it stimulates curiosity like How to save yourself from COVID 19 virus?




Be Unique 

It’s difficult to write on the topics which were not covered before but if you will create the masterpiece it will have a higher chance to go viral.



How to Remove Instagram Shadowban in 2021

Many of us deal with the problem of Instagram shadowban in which your content will stop showing up on your follower’s timeline and won’t even show up with hashtags, this shadow ban has made huge influencers practically invisible overnight.


So the question comes why does it happen?

There are several reasons for your Instagram shadowban such as:


  • Automated Bots that directly violate Instagram’s Terms of Service.
  • Excess usage of hashtags
  • Broken hashtag – Tags that are used for too many numbers of times, Instagram’s algorithm will limit the reach of that hashtag which will affect your other hashtags too.
  • Your account gets often reported – Instagram’s algorithm will assume that you are uploading inappropriate content and will limit your account.
  • If you are following and engaging with people too quickly for example if you will follow 100 people in an hour so Instagram’s algorithm will assume that you are a bot.


How to find out that you are shadowbanned?

The easiest way is to ask your friend to check out whether your post is visible for a certain hashtag

Tip – Use rare hashtags or you can make one for yourself and let them check it out


Now if it’s clear that you are shadowbanned so here are some steps that you can take to remove the shadowban :


  • Follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and community guidelines
  • Stop using the bots and delete them immediately.
  • Delete all the hashtags from the recent posts as it will remove the broken hashtags which are limiting your reach
  • Reduce your time, for some it has worked out in two days for some even two weeks
  • Always keep changing your hashtags. This tells Instagram’s algorithm that you are an active user and not a bot
  • Although using hashtags in captions looks bad but some users have a complaint that using hashtags in comments has shadow-banned them for 2 hours so it’s better to use them in the caption.
  • Use fewer Hashtags while you are facing an Instagram Shadowban.
  • Report it to Instagram
  • Do not switch to a business profile. As Instagram will start to consider you as Business account. This will give you more ways to calculate your reach but they will expect you to go for ads
  • Turn your Business profile into personal.